The first step in the rug making process necessitates designing & graphing, it happens to be the most vital process- defining what the end product will look like. The originated design is then translated on a graph paper. After the initial sketch is completed, our designers refer to the color poms or swatches to implement the preferred color scheme.


Our rugs are Craftly woven using either hand-spun or machine-spun wool. Finely woven carpets are constructed using machine-spun wool while the rest of our collections infuses the essence of hand-spun wool, giving a more natural texture & feel.


Once the wool is spun, it is then carefully prepared for the dyeing process where our master dyers dye the yarns and precisely match the colors to the client’s requirements.


Once the yarn is dyed it is then quality tested for any color faults and when passed it is then sent to the looms to initiate the weaving process. There are many weaving styles in the market, we still follow the age old persian weaving technique, cutting each knot individually which happens to be the most intricate form of weaving technique. We also have nepalese weaving, handtufted weaving and handloom weaving techniques folded under our sleeves.


Over the course of past few decades, our artisans have perfected the art of washing where we provide numerous washing textures. Our washing experts have developed & refined the art of washing.


Once the rugs have absorbed the unparalleled nature of sunlight, the pile is sheared down according to our clients’ requirements. The fringes are either reduced in length, tucked under the rug, or removed entirely and binded on all four sides.

Pile is evenly sheared or multi level or high low pile or embossing/ carving is done on client’s request or specifications.