The name Rugs De Indiska is synonymous with excellent craftsmanship.

Our Bespoke service is the highest expression of these values. With an endless array of possibilities, Rugs De Indiska can turn your imaginations into reality. With the help of our dedicated team, you can choose between numerous available fibres/yarns/silks and thousands of shades of colour, or we can match to a sample of anything you bring to us. Designs can be fashioned into any shapes or sizes. We can even weave a rug to install as wall-to-wall carpeting. Lead time will depend on the quality, construction of the rug, intricacy of the design and sometimes in cases of undyed natural yarns, their availability.

Shipping can be done via FedEx, DHL for door to door delivery. We also have port to port – ship by air facility. Throughout the process we will show you renderings of the proposed design and how it might look in situ, and may also make a small sample to check the new colours or materials. We will also keep the clients posted with updates on a regular basis with pictures of the processes. Weaving a rug to order typically takes four to five months, though very large or intricate job may take longer. This wait, however, will be rewarded on the delivery of a completely unique piece, interpreted from your imaginings.

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