Mohit is deeply influenced by the vast Indian heritage and it’s rich culture. To him, each knot is touched by so many lives during the entire process that the History, Philosophy & Relegion gets weaved into it. 

Mohit’s knowledge of the Indian culture combined with an impeccable taste in color & design results in crafting rugs that are beyond any illustration. An immense knowledge of the traditional hand knotting technique has been passed on to him by his family, which has been in the rug making business for generations. Mohit being the third generation uses the thousand-year-old techniques of carpet making with modern aesthetics in design to craft an ageless beauty.

He considers Rugs as the true work of Art. To keep the age old craftsmanship alive, he works side by side with the artisans and combines the traditional knotting technique with modern yet rich designs that are elegant and concurrently share the Indian Heritage. Rugs to him, are a legacy which should be passed on to future generations of the families.